Member #32
Matt Annen
Baltimore, MD

1979 P601 Kombi

This car was imported by my father in May 2007. He found it in the Netherlands at a used car dealership, along with a P50. The car had been listed on German Ebay for 1000 Euros, but the dealer sold both cars for 500 for the pair. The car was then packed in a 40 foot container along with 3 other Trabis and a Goggomobil, and sent for home. 
     We had talked about me buying a Trabant from my dad for months, but I was never really sure. But being an admirer of station wagons, seeing a Trabant version made me know for sure I wanted it. Upon arrival the car looked bad, the paint was old, the doors didn't shut, and there was rust on all the metal surfaces. Even worse the clutch badly needed replacing. But I worked on it, painted it, and put in the new clutch and now it is a fine little car. We even added a little two-tone for fun to show off that nice fin. I really enjoy driving it and the looks of wonder on people's faces seeing this strange car. I now look forward to years of Trabant ownership, and a future of even more Trabis.

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