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Paul Gerlt

1958 P70 Coupe

The P70 is pretty amazing, simple and functional yet close to coachbuilt. I guess it would be the oldest Trabt in the US. It is a 1958 P70 Coupe. Maroon in color but was originall a minty green (think mint ice cream). It is powered by a 700cc water cooled 2 cylinder. Three speed on the dash, non-synchro on first. The body is an amalgamation of materials, metal frame with wood floors and fender supports, duroplast fenders, steel doors, roof, bonnet and boot. Alloy trim components in most places. Currently I'm having the paint stripped and redone. The old paint had cracked and there are some rust spots and a little dry rot. The new paint will be maroon. I may decide to paint the roof whit but I'm not sure yet.

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