Member #40
Stephen Van Orden
Mapleton, Utah

1976 P601 Sedan

April 2007:  Purchased 1976 Trabi from Sorren Barr at (papysrußweiß) 
June 2007:  Purchased three suitcases full of parts from while on trip to Germany 
Fall 2007:  Replaced flasher unit, and carburetor. 
October 2007:  Paid airfare for Ralf Langer and Marcus Schulze from to come to Utah to update to 12 volt and switch to post 
1983 front drive shafts. 
November 2007:  Crashed my trabi in a low-speed pile up. 
Winter 2008:  Purchased new hood, side panels, frame pieces, grill, starter, carburetor, exhaust manifold, fan, etc. on and from 
April 2008:  Started rebuilding the car myself ( I had to finally learn how). 
March 2009:  Had the car repainted (himmelblau) after completing all of the repairs.

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