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Seth Wendelowski
Brooklyn, NY

1974 P601 Sedan (In Hungary)
1983 P601S Sedan 

I travelled to Hungary last year to visit my Hungarian fiance's family.  One of the first things I noticed after leaving the airport were two cars that stood out as being unique in comparison to anything we had in the US.  The Polski Fiat and the Trabant 601.  As the trip went on though I became fascinated with the Trabant due to the stories her family shared and all the information about the history, along with many many jokes.  By the time we left, I was hot on buying one and finding out how to get one here to enjoy in the US.  We went over again this January and her parents bought me one from their cousin as a surprise. The one they bought isn't in the best condition but they wanted me to experience one before I just went ahead and imported one, and plus now I'll have one to drive whenever we are there.(2-3x a year)


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