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Jim and Doris Yoder

1965 P601 Sedan


I became interested in the Trabi when we visited a friend in Erfurt in 1992.  It was the most fascinating car I had ever seen.  I am a kind of car collector from early antiques to 50's classics.  This one was very special as I knew there would not be many in the US. In 1996 a friend in Zwickau helped me purchase one and we got it shipped to US.  The car cost me $250 and shipping was $1100.  I had a bit of a problem getting it into the US but with it  being of antique status we could bring it in.  Our car is a 1965 model 601 Deluxe Limousine and I have the name of the owner and have corresponded with him for a history of the car etc.  He could not believe that anyone in the US  would want such a car.  It was in very good shape when it arrived and I have been driving it to shows and parades since. It has been featured in several area news papers.  It creates quite a stir when I drive up because it is rare and rarely does anyone even know what it is.  I will skip the details of the car as the readers of this will know all the details etc.  I can still get parts for the car thru the friends in Weimar and Zwickau.  I have had to do very little to the car to keep it running. I feel quite fortunate to have this piece of world history that I was able to afford to get.  I drive it at least once a month on a 20 mile trip to keep it running well. 
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