Member #65
Jon Muth
Kingston, NY

1974 P601 Sedan

On a trip to Russia with my oldest daughter we saw Ladas everywhere. They were in the background of every photo we took in St Petersburg.  After we got back I was researching the Lada VAZ , thinking it would be neat to get one. That's when I ran across the Trabant. I totally fell for it. 2 stroke, 2 cycle, made of "duroplast", helping announce the end of the Berlin wall, it was great! My family is originally from Austria/Hungary and so I grew up with German being spoken in the house. I always wanted to learn how to work on a car, but it just never happened. With the Trabi, It all seemed to fit. I had been watching them come and go on ebay for a while, and with my wife's encouragement, I finally found the one for me. A 1974 P601 sold to me by Mr Mike Annen. 

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