Member #69
Roger Hughes
Bowling Green, KY

P601 Kombi

My son and I have a 601 Kombi.

In 1997 he meet a wounderful German Girl from Saalfeld (former GDR) going to college in Missouri on an exchange program.  They fell in love and when she went home he followed.

He lived there with her for 5 years working for the US government.  In 2004 they married and moved back to the states ( Alexanderia, Va.) The government shipped one car for them so he sold his BMW there and
brought the Trabi to his boyhood home in Ky. We love driving it to shows and watching people scratch thier heads
and wonder just what the hell it is.  Just when you think nobody knows what it is someone will come along with a big smile and pet it like a puppy! IT'S A TRABI !!!!!!


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