Member #70
Flavio Gomes
Brazil, South America

1988 P601 Sedan

My name is Flavio, I'm a journalist in Brazil working for ESPN. I found your website and I'm glad you have Trabi's fans in USA. I have a small vintage cars collection and among them I have a Wartburg, which is already home, and a Trabi that I've purchased by eBay months ago in Leipzig. In September I went to Germany and made a 2,000 km trip to the East (Germany, Czec Republic, Slovak, than Austria and Germany again). In my blog you can find some pictures and articles, in Portuguese:
"Gerd" is its name, a Sky Blue 1988, two stroke, amazing. I had no problem at all during this trip and we, me and the car, are in love! Next month I'll ship the car to South America.


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