Member #77
Kevin McMahon
South New Jersey

1974 P601 Sedan
UPDATE: Kevin sold his green Trabi, and bought this 74 from Alan Hedges.

I am really a jeep guy for the most part, but now I have been over thrown by this little car. I found this little sucker in a yard inSouth Jersey buried under two tarps and loads of junk. I never heard of a Trabant and the car had no markings on it. I approached the lady in the driveway and asked her if the little car was for sale. She made a phone call to the rightful owner and before you know it, I was at the house uncovering it and making a deal. I had no idea what the car was worth, but it seemed like a cool little buggy and I was willing for a small price to go out a little limb. We got it uncovered and found it was full of junk and was an excellent habitat for some cats to live in. JUST GREAT!!!  With no title, no paperwork, or really not knowing what the hell I was getting into, I for whatever reason could not resist this little ugly colored car. So the next day up on the trailer it went and now lives in my driveway.


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