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Keri Rautenkranz
Chicago, IL

1968 P601 Sedan


My name is Keri Rautenkranz and it appears that I’ve been adopted by a charming ’68 Trabi. 

A friend obtained two Trabis in Czechoslovakia and I got one. Getting them back here to the Chicago area was an adventure but we succeeded and now have them fully licensed and titled.

Mine spent the last 9 months in the body shop, getting the rusted-out grille support replaced and some fresh paint.

I spent all day Saturday putting the car back together and took lots of pix.  

My Czech body shop guy is a little slow and clumsy, having lost quite a few little bits and pieces which I had to fabricate and improvise.

Here's me driving it off to the body shop…. in July!

I did a little more work today. All that remains is putting the bumpers back on.

Here's some before and after pix…

Me, having just rebuilt the carburetor and getting the ignition to run on both cylinders and properly timed. The engine is loud but now runs strong.

July 2011. The Czech plates are still good till Feb 2012!

Just before leaving for the body shop

Today! Back on the road! I cleaned and re-painted the trim pieces, fixed the lock cylinders and door handles and did lots of detail work while waiting for the round tuits to arrive.

The body work is nearly done, now I have to investigate the noisy motor. We have spare cylinders pistons and heads. I’m hoping the crankshaft is OK.

The clutch, transmission, brakes and suspension seem pretty OK.

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