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Philip Smock
FT Worth, TX

1989 P601 Kombi 
1987 P601S

It started many years ago when I was working with friends from East Germany. We all worked for the same company from East Germany and I have become very close to many of my co-workers. Some have now became my best friends. Any way they would tell me stories of the old DDR and the Trabant came up. I got interested in the car and had to know more. When I found out that they car was a two stroke I decided then that one day I would have one. 
I no longer work for the East German company but it is still in my heart. All my friends are still friends. 
The company I work for now opened a plant in Hungary, so I am now living in Hungary and finally had a chance to purchase a Trabant. 
I found the 1989 Kombi in a town outside of Gyor. Now was the trick how to get it to Komarom(the town I live in), what are the laws. Come to find out it has been pulled out of traffic. So long story short I go to the local auto service dealer and they can go pick up the Kombi. But as we are discussing the Kombi he tells me he has a 1987 601 S for sale. So I go look at the car, he tells me a price I cut him low on the offer and he said deal. I thought well now what am I going to do. I drove it to the house is what I done. I would be a fool to pass this car up. My best friends wife's first car was a light blue 601 S. 
So Ronny tell Katrin this is for you and your next trip to Texas once the Trabi is home. It will be Some time in 2014 before both cars will return to the USA. But in the mean time they will under go repairs and paint before they leave Hungary. I am already looking for spare parts to start shipping back to the USA. 

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