Member #9
Larry Claypool
Frankfurt, Illinois

1965 P601 Sedan

The car is a 1965 601, brought over from Berlin 1991. I got it in 1999 from the fellow that brought it over.

The engine seized in fall 2005, so I sourced a used engine from Hungary in 2006 and have it up and running now just fine.

The odd part of the story is the fellow I got it from gave me a Fiat Multipla if I would store and maintain the Trabi for him indefinitely. He was not quite ready to part with it but could not keep it at the time due to a move to a condo. He has since moved to Montana where he has lots of room, and asked for it back shortly after the engine blew up. After about a 10 month delay in sourcing and installing the engine, I had it ready to return to him. In the meantime though he has begun turning his garage into a rec room, so again there is no place to put it. So for the time being at least, the Trabi is still here with me.

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