Member #93
Norbert Zimpfer

Cedar Springs, MI 

1986 P601 S  

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked her up in New York 3 weeks ago. Turns out, this little Trabi had never seen any kind of weather other than sunshine. The old gentleman that owned her only drove her on sunny days or on weekends. She looks like she just rolled out of the factory in Eisenach. Flawless paint, flawless under the hood, factory fresh inside and the original DDR tires still mounted with the little nubs all still sticking out. He even graced me with a bunch of spare parts in the flawless trunk, complete with new spare, factory fire extinguisher and emergency kit. Also have the original manuals and paperwork from the delivery in 1986 complete with prices and options sheet. I have not started her up since the tank was empty when I picked her up. I want to wait until spring for that. Right now she sits in front of my store at The Orchards Mall in Benton Harbor, MI and draws quite a crowd. In the future I would like to import a 601 Universal Hycomat if I find a good one.  

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