The truth was out and a movement was set into motion that not even the massive East German Police State could stop. The Stasi were powerless for how do you arrest an entire population? The military were reluctant to act and the Soviets were ordered to remain on high alert but INSIDE of their bases all across The DDR. Gorbatchew would NOT help crush an East German uprising!

   Protests sprang up in almost all of East Germanys  major cities, especially Leipzig while thousands of East Germans continued to flee the country by occupying the West German Embassies in Prague and Budapest.

   On the evening of November 9th, 1989 during the daily press release meeting in Berlin, Guenther Schabovsky erroneously read aloud a poorly written note that was never never intended to be released. The contents were that at midnight (only a few hours away at the time of his making the announcement) the borders would open and exit visas would be granted for travel out of The DDR!              Ooops!




        Translation: The SED (Socialist Unity Party) = Lies!


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