Trabi Colors -
What a groovy selection!

   Below is a copy of an original Trabant Color Scheme pamphlet. These were the colors available in 1969 for Standard model Trabants. DeLuxe models had a few additional color choices , listed in text at the bottom, even though "Gletscherblau - Glacier Blue" has been inexplicably left-out. This schematic also notes the various wierd combinations of different colored roofs available on DeLuxe Trabis.
    In case you are curious, the most common colors were Papyruswei├č (papyrus white), Delphingrau (dolphin gray) and Gletscherblau (glacier blue).

    In later years the colors shifted a bit with the introduction of Caprigr├╝n, a brighter, more lime-green color. The ghastly browns and yellows also vanished over time leaving the streets overwhelmingly grey, white and light blue. Another note to make...brown and dark green Trabis were always solid colored and never came with a different colored roof. Blue Trabis came with white, beige and occassionally a light yellow roof. The beige and white Trabis were open for all possible roof color combinations but most common was light-blue or caprigreen.

Additional Note!

   Trabant "Touch-up" paint IS available in Germany in both small spray cans and in tiny brush-on bottles that look kinda like womens mascara. These paints can usually be found in most generic auto supply stores like Auto-Unger and other stores that resemble the American versions of Auto-Zone, etc.


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