Trabant Colors

Here is a color chart from 1964. What is interesting is that while the sedan is the modern 601 style, a wagon is still the old 600 style, and only available in white with different accent colors.The 601 wagon (Kombi) wouldn't be available until 1965. Below is the table of names for each of the colors.

 Picture Number
German Name
English Name
1 pastelblaupastel blue
2marmorweiβ  marble white
3 pastelgrünpastel green
4 pastelbraun pastel brown
 silver blue
 6 pastelgrau/rot pastel gray/red
7 pastelgrau/firnblau hell
 pastel gray/pale snow blue
8 pastelgrau/türkis hell
 pastel gray/pale turquois
 pastel gray/reed yellow
 pastel gray/silver blue


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